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About Us

Robin and Rebekah
had been in the IT industry for over fifteen years when they started recovering gold from the redundant IT equipment they processed.
The jewellery-making journey began when Robin wanted their own wedding rings made with the gold he had recovered but couldn't find a jeweller to make them out of 24ct gold, so he decided to make them himself!
Every part of the process is meticulously carried out at their workshop here in north Wales; from the recovery to the reforging, each ring is individually handcrafted and hand-finished by Robin.
Each ring is completely individual and unique to you.
White Gold Wedding Rings

The           Difference

Manufactured 9-18 karat alloys have become the most common jewellery marketed and sold. Alloys do not exhibit the natural properties of gold and even tarnish with time.

R&R Aurum jewellery is crafted from high-quality gold recovered from redundant IT equipment. The difference in purity over manufactured alloys is instantly observed and felt. It also means our rings will never tarnish.

The myth is that jewellery cannot be crafted from pure 24-karat gold due to its softness. While it is true that pure gold is more malleable than other metals and may contour to your body, gold is indestructible. 

Gold Bars
R&R Aurum Bespoke Wedding Rings

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